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Lisa Wynne Salvator
Lisa Wynne Salvatore

As an Alternative Wellness Advocate and aesthetician for more than 38 years, Lisa Wynne Salvatore's passion is researching quality ingredients in order to formulate new, innovative products. At her home apothecary Lisa carefully crafts batches of time-honored recipes that are organic, eco-friendly and made without synthetics or toxic chemical preservatives. Her clients have been consistently delighted and now Purely Lisa organic products are available to everyone.

Pure Pitz is the latest creation from Purely Lisa. It is the clean answer to effectively neutralizing body odor. Certified Organic and made from the purest ingredients, including aluminum-free baking soda, Pure Pitz is a soothing emollient with fresh, subtle fragrances of pure organic essential oils. This concentrated formula comes in a BPA-free plastic container and is the perfect size for travel or gym bags.